Our Programs and Activities

Regular Programs and Discovery Activities

As a participant or volunteer at the Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF), you will have the chance to interact with a wide variety of individuals who have different skill sets and you will be able to take advantage of the many activities we offer.


Sports camps for injured soldiers

The ASF’s sports camps for injured soldiers were created with the specific needs of soldiers in mind. Whether participants have physical injuries, are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder or are in mourning, the ASF puts all of its expertise at their disposal. Our goal is to contribute to soldiers’ rehabilitation by offering them new opportunities to build confidence and self-esteem.

Mobile unit

The ASF's mobile unit allows collaboration with various groups and organizations to offer activities throughout Quebec.

School groups or other groups

Imagine allowing a disabled child to participate in a school trip in the mountains with his friends. Whether on the ski slopes, on the water or on the trails, there is no reason to stay on the sidelines while your friends are having fun.





Start of activities May 2021


The tandem bicycle is suitable for people living with a visual impairment as well as people with certain functional limitations.


Do not hesitate to explore the possibility of trying a suitable bike of a different kind. We want the para-cycling experience to be enjoyable and memorable for you.


Adapted bikes


Start of activities May 2021


There are several kinds of para-cycling equipment. Recumbent bikes which "pedal" with hands, recumbent bikes propelled by feet, adapted tricycles and adapted mountain bikes.


Different equipment is suitable for different people with different functional limitations.

Para-Nordic Skiing on wheels


Start of activities May 2021


This brand new ASF activity which started during winter 2021 continues its momentum in the summer period. Para-Nordic ski sleds allow you to propel yourself using cross-country ski poles on an paved bike path and enjoy a pleasant training that will keep you active and healthy until the return of snow!


Alpine skiing

Since 1995, ASF has welcomed hundreds of participants to it's adaptive ski program at the Owl's Head ski resort in Mansonville. A second permanent site was installed at the Le Relais ski resort in the National Capital Region. Thanks to the collaboration of l'Association des stations de ski du Québec (ASSQ) and the program "Ma première fois en ski adapté", as well as ski resorts across Quebec who welcome our Mobile Unit, more people can now discover  adaptive alpine skiing.


More recently, in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces and Soldier On, downhill skiing activities with injured soldiers take place every week at Le Relais ski resort.

Water skiing

The ASF offers two waterski programs: “Introduction to adaptive water sports” and “Elite water skiing”. These programs allow athletes of all levels to participate in adaptive water sports. Inbetween water skiing outings, you might have the chance to do some kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and pontoon trips.


The Dahü, our adapted wheelchair specially designed for tackling mountainous terrain, promotes teamwork and strengthens the relationships between the people who participate in it. The participant with reduced mobility in a Dahü can help his team by guiding them through the mountainous terrain and even participate in the effort using poles if his condition allows it. Cities and organizations that purchase a Dahü agree to lend them free of charge to people with reduced mobility. The ASF coordinates the availability of volunteers and ensures a safe outing in a refreshing outdoor environment.


Adaptive Horseback Riding

Events to come.

Please complete the participant registration form to receive notifications of upcoming activities.


Stand Up Paddleboard

In collaboration with the organization O'sijja, you will have the opportunity to participate with the FSA in 4 paddleboard outings in the Estrie region:

  • June 20

  • July 18

  • August 22 and 29


Other activities are offered directly with O'sijja and through the ASF mobile unit.

Contact us to organize an activity alone or in a group.

Kayak and canoe

Events to come.

Please complete the participant registration form to receive notifications of upcoming activities.


Adaptive cross-country skiing

Thanks to the acquisition of two sledges to practice adaptive cross-country skiing, participants, young and old, who can use their arms can discover this new activity offered by the ASF.

The Evo Concept sledges are made in Quebec and will be delivered in January 2021. Easy to transport, they will be used at the Orford and at the Golf des Cèdres cross-country ski centers in Granby, as well as in our mobile unit for special outings.

Come and discover the tranquil nature of the cross-country ski trails with us. Perhaps you will fall in love with this already popular sport!

Screen Shot 2020-12-06 at 8.04.43 PM.png

Adaptive ice skating

Adaptive cross-country ski sledges are equipped with a removable base that allows you to install a base with skating blades for the practice of adaptive ice skating.

Imagine a family walk in the Enchanted Forest in Trois-Rivières or crossing Lac Brome on the ice this winter! This is now possible.


Whether it is for a school outing or for an evening with the family, with our volunteer's guidance, we will give you a head start to practice this sport in complete safety.


Skiing for wounded soldiers

For the benefit of Canadian Armed Forces Transition Center  and Soldier On members, alpine skiing activities take place at the Le Relais ski resort.

The mission of the Adapted Sports Foundation towards wounded soldiers in Quebec is to get them out of isolation and to restore their motivation and self-confidence through sport.

The outings take place on Thursdays every two weeks and soldiers have to register online in advance.

Activity begins in Jan. 2021

Stay tuned for new adaptive cross-country skiing!