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By definition, longboards are skateboards that have larger decks, bigger wheels, and trucks used in traveling over a long distance. Meanwhile, cruisers are the smaller versions of longboards and the preference in everyday commuting nearby.

However, it is hard to distinguish longboards and cruisers based on their definitions and functions. Therefore, in today’s article, I will give you a quick look at the differences in the components of these skateboards.

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The main differences between longboards and cruisers can be recognized through the parameters of wheels, trucks, and decks.

Wheels: the typical size of longboard wheels is around 70 to 85 mm while that for cruisers is only approximately 55 to 65mm.

The larger the wheels are, the faster and more stable the longboards become. Hence, it wouldn’t take too much effort to push the board. Another factor that tells cruisers apart is the durometer. Cruiser wheels are considered soft wheels and usually have a durometer from 78A to 82A.

Truck and deck mounting: longboards offer skaters several types of mounting methods such as top mount style, drop-down style, or drop-through style. On the other hand, cruisers are only available in top-mounted skateboards which is better for short-distance traveling.

Deck shape: you can easily detect cruisers through their surfboard-like shape with a rounded tail, or a fishtail. However, longboards have different shapes varying from pintail shape, symmetrical cutout shape, or hybrid shape.

These signs may be untrue due to some strange designs recently for both two types of skateboards.

I hope that you’re now able to distinguish longboards and cruisers through the above criteria. If you need more information about any topic in skateboarding, you can visit SkateAdvisors for more information.

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