Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the INCLUSACTIVE Challenge of the Adaptive Sports Foundation?

It's a fundraiser to allow the Adaptive Sports Foundation to acquire essential adapted sports equipment. This year’s objective is to raise $50,000 to revamp our existing equipment and purchase new equipment for our expanding Summer Programs and our newly launched Para-Cycling Program.

2. How does it work?

  • Choose a physical activity that you like or that you want to try. It can be ANY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY you want to do. Canoeing, swimming, running, water skiing, horseback riding, walking, etc.

  • Create a personal fundraising page HERE 

  • After creating your page, personalize it with the link you receive in your inbox.

  • Share the link to your page in your social networks and by email to your family and friends who may support you in your challenge.

  • Make a first donation of $25 so that your page appears in the list that will allow you to find your page. This list is called Meilleurs collecteurs de fonds.


3. How to do the challenge as a team?

  • Create a personal fundraising page HERE 

  • Personalize your page by following the link that you will receive in your inbox. Add the list of teammates of your team into the personalized text on your page. Whenever you want to add a teammate, go back to the page edit email you received and add the teammate.

  • Share the link to your team page to all teammates so that they can share it in turn in their social networks and by email to their family and friends who may support you in your team challenge.

  • Send the coordinates of each teammate to :

    • first name

    • last name

    • Email Address

    • phone number

  • Prepare for your INCLUSACTIVE Challenge and plan your team challenge on August 13, 14 or 15, 2021.


4. How to edit the personal fundraising page?

  • Use the link received by email when creating your page.

  • Click on the pencil symbol to edit the elements of your page.


5. I lost the link to my page, how can I find it?

Write to to receive the link to your page again by email or search by following the steps in question 6.

6. How do I find the link to a participant's or team's page?

  • Go to and click on PARTICIPATE

  • Go to the Meilleurs collecteurs de fonds list and find the name or team name. (Note that if no donation was received on a page, it will not appear in the list. You must either find your link in your emails, ask the person participating to give you the link or ask )

  • The link to a page is the URL entered in the address bar of the page.


7. How to share a page on social networks?

  • You can directly copy the URL (link in the address bar at the top of the page) to your social networks.


8. How do I share a page by email?

  • If you are a participant: you will have received a shareable email from ASF when creating your page. You can forward this message to your contacts by modifying it a bit.

  • If you are a supporter who wishes to share the challenge: you can directly copy the URL (link in the address bar at the top of the page) in an email that you will send to your contacts.


9. How do I use the INCLUSACTIVE Challenge Facebook profile photo frame?



  • On Facebook, click on the icon to change your profile picture, it is a camera pictogram.

  • Choose: Add a frame.

  • Search for #INCLUSACTIF for the French frame and #INCLUSACTIVE for the English frame.