The ASF at Bromont Ultra

5 years already!

For 5 years now, the Adaptive Sports Foundation has been providing people with disabilities with a unique experience during the Bromont Ultra race. Unfortunately, COVID-19 caused the cancellation of the “team” category in which the ASF was participating. On the other hand, the organization of the BU has created a new event, the Bromont Ultra “at home”.

October 10, 2020

At home Bromont Ultra

To allow organizations to participate in BU 2020 as a team and continue to encourage the cause of their choice.



bromont ultra2019-8
bromont ultra2019-8



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How it works?

1 captain


9 teammates


1 team

The Bromont Ultra (BU) at home is a simplified version of the traditional BU. Here is how it goes:

WARNING! If you are running with a DAHÜ, your entry will be offered by a generous anonymous donor (up to 10 teams). Please contact Audrey Larroquette, Events Coordinator, at 579-488-8378 BEFORE registering.

For a team without Dahü and for fun with friends for a good cause, the amount of $ 100 must be paid by the captain when creating the team. Here are the steps:

  • The CAPTAIN starts a team by completing the registration on the page or with the button below.

  • Choose: I want to register now.

  • Choose the Bromont Ultra virtual challenge: Trail Team 80 km 6 to 10 runners.

  • Choose the Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) as the cause supported.

  • Fill all the required fields.

  • As more teammates are added, the team CAPTAIN adds them to his page.

  • The CAPTAIN sends the link to the teammate's fundraiser  page to each registrant.

  • We suggest that everyone donate a minimum of $ 25 to their team.

  • Teammates are encouraged to share the FSA's cause with their network.